Our Chocolate Selection


Please find below a list of our Chocolate selection – this is a guide to what we have in our cabinet however they may not all be in the time as we do rotate what flavours we have. Please call the shop on 01263 735737 or email carouselchocolates@btconnect.com if you require any assistance.

Milk Chocolate

Hot cross bun truffleHot Cross Bun Truffle – Milk truffle with spicy cinnamon flavour centre.

Lemon souffleLemon Souffle – Creamy Lemon crème fraiche in Milk Chocolate.

Jaffa cakeJaffa Cake – Milk chocolate with a orange ganache topped with more milk chocolate and orange decoration.

Fudge CupFudge Cup – Milk chocolate cup with fudge ganache topped with Scottish fudge piece.

Res HeartRed Heart – Milk chocolate heart with chocolate ganache in red foil.

Rhubarb & GingerRhubarb & Ginger – Milk chocolate with rhubarb and ginger crème fraiche .

Sticky toffee       Sticky Toffee Pudding – Sticky toffee caramel in Milk Chocolate

FlorentineFlorentine – Almond praline topped with Pistachio & Almond Florentine in milk/white chocolate.

Raspberry squareRaspberry Square – Raspberry ganache topped with raspberry fruit layer in milk/white chocolate.

Choc brownieChocolate Brownie – Chocolate cream centre with biscuits in milk chocolate.

Creme bruleeCrème Brulee – Crème brulee ganache with cane sugar topping in milk chocolate cup. OUT OF STOCK

Salted caramel Salted Caramel – Fine salted butter caramel in milk chocolate.

Salted caramel cupSalted Caramel Cup – Deliciously different Milk chocolate cup filled with Caramel, topped with Milk chocolate and Rock Salt! – Delicious

Milk Gianduja – Classic milk chocolate filled with Gianduja (hazelnut).



White Chocolate


New York cheesecakeNew York Cheesecake – Classic New York Cheesecake dessert in white chocolate.

Gin fizzGin Fizz – Gin ganache flavoured with Lime in white chocolate.

Strawberry whiteStrawberry White – Strawberry cream in white chocolate with pink chocolate sprinkle.

Gold Heart - ehite chocolateGold Heart – White chocolate heart with hazelnut praline.

ApricotApricot – White chocolate with a Apricot ganache filling

BabetteBabette – Vanilla cream with praline in white chocolate.



Dark Chocolate

LimeLime – Fondant flavoured with Lime. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF OUT OF STOCK                                 Ginger – Fondant flavoured with Ginger. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF

Mango & Passionfruit butterflyMango & Passionfruit Butterfly – Fondant flavoured with Mango and Passionfruit. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF OUT OF STOCK               Orange – Fondant flavoured with Orange. Vega-Vegetarian-GF

Peppermint – Fondant flavoured with Peppermint. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF Raspberry – Fondant flavoured with Raspberry. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF

Rose – Fondant flavoured with Rose. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF Violet – Fondant flavoured with Violet. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF

Strawberry – Fondant flavoured with Strawberry. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF

Limona - LemonLimona – Lemon ganache centre in dark chocolate topped with lemon slice.

Dark slated caramelDark Salted Caramel – Crisp dark chocolate dome with rich, smooth slated caramel – Delicious!

MarioMario – Dark chocolate with Orange & Mango ganache and caramel and orange glazing. OUT OF STOCK

Falco - BlueberryFalco – Blueberry with tutti fruitti and blueberry ganache with white glazing.

Coffee pralineCoffee Praline – Coffee praline in a dark chocolate ‘cup’. OUT OF STOCK

Dark apricot chocolateDark Apricot – Smooth apricot crème fraiche in rich dark chocolate.

Mousse au Chocolat – Milk chocolate mousse in Dark chocolate finished with chocolate flakes.

Cherry Liqueur Cherry Liqueur – Dark chocolate with a whole cherry enrobed in Brandy.

CerisetteCerisettes – A whole cherry in liquid Brandy enrobed in dark chocolate. Care!! Contains stone and stalk!

Lime & Chilli Lime & Chilli – Chocolate ganache flavoured with Lime and Chilli!!

NeroNero – Dark bitter ganache in dark chocolate.

PanachePanache – Pistachio marzipan in dark chocolate.

OrangaOranga – Rich orange ganache in dark chocolate topped with an orange slice. OUT OF STOCK




Norfolk Truffles



Dark champagne Norfolk truffle   Dark Champagne

Strawberries & Cream Norfolk truffle    Strawberries & Cream




Handmade Cupcake Chocolates 

Pink Lemonade CupcakePink Lemonade – White chocolate cupcake filled with pink lemonade ganace, topped with a pink chocolate swirl and pink sugar.

Chocolate Orange CupcakeChocolate Orange – This delicious cupcake is filled with chocolate orange ganache and topped with an orange button.

Biscuit CupcakeBiscuit – Biscoff flavoured ganache in milk chocolate topped with a white chocolate swirl and crumbled Biscoff.


Gin & Tonic Dark chocolate cupcakeOUT OF STOCK    Gin & Tonic – Dark Chocolate Cupcake with Gin & Tonic flavourings and hand piped decoration.

Peanut Butter Chocolate CupcakePeanut Butter – White Chocolate Cupcake with smooth Peanut Butter ganache filling with hand piped decoration.

Popping Candy Chocolate CupcakeOUT OF STOCK    Popping Candy – White Chocolate Cupcake with Milk Chocolate ganache with Popping Candy topping with Hand piped Chocolate

swirl finished off with even more popping candy!

Cappuccino Cupcake ChocolateCappuccino – The perfect combination, coffee & chocolate. Coffee ganache filling with a chocolate coffee bean topping

   Lemon Meringue CupcakeLemon Meringue – A classic dessert – luxury Belgian chocolate cupcake filled with lemon ganache.

Millionaire's shortbread chocolate cupcakeMillionaire’s Shortbread – Delicious dessert flavoured cupcake with a shortbread topping and caramel and biscuit centre

Mint choc chip chocolate cupcakeMint Choc Chip – Milk and white chocolate mint flavoured cupcake topped with mint and chocolate sprinkles

Nutty Surprise chocolate cupcakeNutty Surprise – Made from the finest milk chocolate, this delicious cupcake if filled with praline and topped with chopped nuts.

Pimm's chcoolate cupcakePimm’s – Pimm’s flavoured chocolate cupcake with heart and sprinkle decoration (seasonal)

Raspberry Pavlova chocolate cupcakeRaspberry Pavlova – Made predominantly from white chocolate with a raspberry pavlova centre and meringue and raspberry topping

Rocky road chocolate cupcakeRocky Road – A combination of chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit – perfection! OUT OF STOCK

Vanilla – Milk and white chocolate cupcake with vanilla ganache, topped with a milk and white chocolate curl

Pink Prosecco Cupcake ChocolatePink Prosecco – A classic Prosecco flavouring in white chocolate cupcake topped with pink chocolate and finished with a white sugar flower!

Honeycomb chocolate cupcakeHoneycomb – Milk chocolate cupcake with honeycomb flavoured centre, topped with chocolate honeycomb pieces.

Cookie Dough CupcakeCookie Dough – Cookie flavoured ganache topped with chocolate with cookie pieces.


Diabetic/Sugar Free

Diabectic/Sugar Free chocolates We have a selection of Milk, White and Dark chocolates. These contain the sugar substitute Malitol

Aylsham, Norfolk, UK