Please find below a list of our Chocolate selection – this is a guide to what we have in our cabinet however they may not all be in the time as we do rotate what flavours we have. Please call the shop on 01263 735737 or email if you require any assistance.

Milk Chocolate

Butterscotch Olivia – Milk chocolate salted caramel ganache.

Butterscotch Butterscotch – Soft buttery caramel covered in milk chocolate


   New York Cheesecake – Vanilla ganache in Milk Chocolate Cheesecake Cup

Strawberry HeartStrawberry Heart

Passion Heart – Passion Fruit ganache in milk chocolate heart.

Jaffa cakeJaffa Cake – Milk chocolate layered with orange ganache. OUT OF STOCK

Rhubarb & Ginger – Rhubarb and ginger crème fraiche in milk chocolate.

Calvados Cinnamon – Calvados cinnamon cream with apple jam and biscuit.

Manon LaitManon Lait – Hazelnut mousse centre in Milk Chocolate topped with walnut.

Lemon souffleLemon Souffle – Creamy Lemon crème fraiche in Milk Chocolate.

Sticky toffee       OUT OF STOCK Sticky Toffee Pudding – Sticky toffee caramel in Milk Chocolate

FlorentineOUT OF STOCK Florentine – Almond praline topped with Pistachio & Almond Florentine in milk/white chocolate.

Raspberry squareRaspberry Square – Raspberry ganache topped with raspberry fruit layer in milk/white chocolate

Choc brownieOUT OF STOCK Chocolate Brownie – Chocolate cream centre with biscuits in milk chocolate.

Creme bruleeCrème Brulee – Crème brulee ganache with cane sugar topping in milk chocolate cup.

Salted caramel Salted Caramel – Fine salted butter caramel in milk chocolate.

Milk Gianduja – Classic milk chocolate filled with Gianduja (hazelnut).



White Chocolate

Passion Fruit Gaia – Passion Fruit ganache in white chocolate.

Brazillia Brazillia – White chocolate caramel with bresilinne (caramelised nuts)

Himalayen Pink Salted Caramel ChocolateOUT OF STOCK Pink Himalayan Salted Caramel

Eton Mess ChocolateOUT OF STOCK Eton Mess – White chocolate layered with raspberry and meringue ganache topped with freeze dried raspberries.

Orange Amande ChocolateOUT OF STOCK    Orange Amande – Orange flavoured almond praline in white chocolate.

Apricot – Apricot ganache centre in white chocolate.

OUT OF STOCK Caramel Fudge – Caramel crème with mini fudge pieces in white chocolate.

Gin fizzOUT OF STOCK Gin Fizz – Gin and lime in white chocolate.

Jura – White coffee mousse in white chocolate.

Chantilly – Smooth Vanilla mousse on a Croquant base in White Chocolate.

Babette    Babette – Vanilla cream with praline in white chocolate.



Dark Chocolate

LimeLime – Fondant flavoured with Lime. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF                                  Ginger – Fondant flavoured with Ginger. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF

Mango & Passionfruit butterflyMango & Passionfruit Butterfly – Fondant flavoured with Mango and Passionfruit. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF               Orange – Fondant flavoured with Orange. Vega-Vegetarian-GF

Peppermint – Fondant flavoured with Peppermint. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF Raspberry – Fondant flavoured with Raspberry. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF

Rose – Fondant flavoured with Rose. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF Violet – Fondant flavoured with Violet. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF

Strawberry – Fondant flavoured with Strawberry. Vegan-Vegetarian-GF

  Coffee Praline – Coffee praline in dark chocolate with decoration

Smoked salted caramelSmoked Salted Caramel

Lime Mousse

Moelluex ChocolateMoelluex – Chocolate cream with chocolate sauce filling.

Mario orange chocolateMario – Dark chocolate with tutti frutti and mango ganache with orange glazing.

Dark strawberryBruno – Dark chocolate with tutti frutti and strawberry ganache with strawberry glazing.

OUT OF STOCK  Poire William – Pear ganache in dark chocolate.

OUT OF STOCK Kir Royale – Champagne & Cassis in dark chocolate.

Coffee pralineCoffee Praline – Coffee praline in a dark chocolate ‘cup’.

Mousse au Chocolat – Milk chocolate mousse in Dark chocolate finished with chocolate flakes.

CerisetteCerisettes – A whole cherry in liquid Brandy enrobed in dark chocolate. Care!! Contains stone and stalk!

Lime & Chilli Lime & Chilli – Chocolate ganache flavoured with Lime and Chilli!!

NeroNero – Dark bitter ganache in dark chocolate.

PanachePanache – Pistachio marzipan in dark chocolate.

OrangaOranga – Rich orange ganache in dark chocolate topped with an orange slice.

Limona - LemonLimona – Rich lemon ganacge in dark chocolate topped with an lemon slice

Cherry LiqueurCherry Liqueur – Dark chocolate with cherry in Kirsh centre.




Pineapple cupcake chocolatePineapple

Red Velvet


Crispy Chocolate

Dark ganache

Forest Fruits


Orange salt caramel


Salty pecan fudge


Norfolk Truffles



Dark champagne Norfolk truffleDark Champagne

Dark champagne Norfolk truffle Rum

Raspberry & lemonade Norfolk TruffleRaspberry & lemonade

Gin & lemon Norfolk truffleCranberry & Orange Truffle


Diabetic/Sugar Free

Diabectic/Sugar Free chocolates We have a selection of Milk, White and Dark chocolates. These contain the sugar substitute Malit